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902TM Liebherr

Model: 902TM mounted on a truck
Engine: Liebherr model D904TI
110HP at 2000 rpm
4 cylinder in-line, water cooled
Direct injection, turbo charged
Fuel tank capacity 63 Gal.
24 Volt
Hydraulic System: Hydraulic pump Liebherr variable displacement, swash plate
In-line double pump
Max. flw 2 x 40 gpm
Max. hydraulic pressure 4640/5220 psi
Hydraulic tank capacity 53 gal.
Hydraulic system capacity max. 103 gal.
Hydraulic oil filter - 1 full flow filter in return line
Hydraulic Controls: Power distribution via control valves in single block with integrated primary and secondary safety valves
Operating controls for attachments and swing via joystick levers
Swing: Liebherr swash plate motor with integrated brake valves
Liebherr planetary reduction gear
Liebherr sealed single race ball bearing swing ring, internal teeth
Swing speed: 0-8.5 rpm
Brake by wet discs (spring applied - pressure released)
Cab: Sound insulated, tinted windows, front window stores overhead
Operator's seat fully adjustable, shock absorbing suspension, adjustable to operator's weight
Joysticks integrated into adjustable seat consoles
Monitoring by lights, sound and LCD display
Features: Four individual controlled outriggers. Easy to setup on carrier
Great lift chart compared to competitive models
Reach: 34' (18'1" boom, 16'5" stick)
With load holding valves on boom
Attachments: Generator ready (setup to accept 10 kW generator system)
Grapple ready

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